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Skin Relief Bath Salts


Cleanse skin with this must-have product.

Effective skincare always begins with properly cleansing skin. My Mia's Skin Relief Bath Salts contain over 130 minerals from Himalayan Salts, Dead Sea Salts with added organic ingredients such as arnica, turmeric root, neem, st johns wort, calendula, raspberry leaf extract and arnica.

This perfect combination of minerals and organic extracts, gentle cleanse and calm your skin.

Suitable from babies 3+months old, this gentle soak is the perfect way to skin recovery.

Size: 500 grams (17.67 ounces)

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These bath salts are lovingly made using over 150 minerals from Dead Sea & Himalayan Salt & Organic herbal extracts and work to calm and cleanse your skin.



Containing over 150 minerals, our Skin Relief Bath Salts cleanse and calm your skin


Not only is a soak in the Skin Relief Bath Salt so relaxing, the Himalayan & Dead Sea Salts deeply cleanse preventing dirt/ grime sitting on the surface level of the skin.


Our organic ingredients such as neem, calendula, paw paw, St John’s Wort, raspberry leaf extract, arnica, chamomile and burdock root have been selected as they contain properties to calm and soothe skin.


Skin Relief Bath Salts can be used on the body, face and scalp to cleanse skin.


We recommend using our Skin Relief Bath Salts once a day when your skin feels dry or itchy or needs some tender-loving-care.



Excellent. I find this really helpful for my little sons skin after his hydrotherapy sessions when he has been covered in the pool water and chlorine! This gives his body what it needs to bounce back!

Emma F.
Teen skin helped

My 15 year old daughter recently had a terrible skin outbreak. Thank goodness I found mymia's. My daughter loves the bath salts and the creams and she now only has scars left from the original outbreak. I love this product

Jo S.
Calming & Nourishing Baths Salts

Lovely bath salts to help calm & nourish his skin. We would bathe our bub in this and follow on with the other My Mia’s products. Great product and addition to our bubs skin care routine.

Christine D.


Himalayan Salt

Containing over 130 minerals this salt draws out toxins and impurities from the surface of the skin.

Dead Sea Salt

Containing over 21 minerals this salt cleanses and calms skin.

Neem Leaf Extract

Traditionally used in Indian Ayurveda for great skin.

Arnica Flower Extract

Known to calm, rejuvenate and improve the suppleness of the skin.

Raspberry Fruit Extract

Known to calm and soothe skin.

St John’s Wort Extract

Known to calm skin.


Known to calm skin.


Known to calm skin.


Known to soothe & calms dry skin.

Burdock Root Extract

Known to calm skin.


Will the salts sting my skin?
Once the salts are dissolved within the bath, you do not feel any sting / bit / discomfort in the water.
Sea water contains much more salt than these salts.
Swirl the salts around in your bath and let them dissolve.
If using for the first time, we recommend patch testing on a small area of skin before immersing yourself in the bath.
Can a baby use these salts in their bath?
We have had babies as young as 3 months benefit from using My Mia's Skin Relief Bath Salts in their bath.
We have provided a full list of ingredients on this page. If you have any doubt, please seek advice from your medical professional.
What if I don't have a bath?
Not everyone has a bath and we understand this. You can still benefit from using these skin relief bath salts.
Simply dissolve a small amount of salt into a warm bowl/ bucket of water. With a wash cloth, gently dab, wipe and cleanse your skin.
Do I need to wash the salts off before starting treatment?
No you do not have to have a shower to wash your skin after your salt bath.
The minerals in the bath salts and organic ingredients are mild and have already started your skin cleansing process.
After your salt bath soak, simply towel dry yourself as normal.

Business Ethos

Having red, itchy, raw skin is not pleasant, but having no skin at all is even worse! We are a big fan of the amazing work the Fiona Wood Foundation is doing; like developing spray on skin for severe burns patients. At My Mia's Skin Relief we lovingly support this amazing charity with monthly donations from the sale of our products.

We love Mother Nature. We have also committed to running a carbon neutral business. As a result, we are offsetting any carbon emissions created from running an online business by planting a grove of trees every year.

Animals are our friends. Not our test objects. Of course, none of our products have ever been tested on animals. Ever. So yes all of our products and manufacturing practices are cruelty free.

This business started with a pure intention 'created with love by a mother for her daughter'. This pure intention extends into our beautiful products we make and to our customers we lovingly serve. Love & Service form the the foundations of our business.

My Mia's Vision

Isn’t it funny where the journey of life takes us? What started as the source of my biggest heartache, has now become my love letter to the world. Creating these organic and natural skin care products for dry, itchy skin has not only helped myself— My daughter, Mia— But something I never saw coming happened, they started helping people around the world. My heart fills with sincere gratitude for your trust in us.

This isn’t ‘just a business’ for me. As well as only using beautiful natural ingredients, my heartfelt wish (the same pure, loving intention I held for my daughter) is that these creams deliver intense hydration for your skin so that you can enjoy your life fully (without scratching) .

If you or your little one struggle with dry itchy skin... Know that change is possible. You are stronger, wiser and braver than you know. And I know that you WILL find your products to support you (be it My Mia’s or not, even though are products are gorgeous ;-) ). Dry, itchy skin doesn't have to be your normal way of life.

You deserve to shine bright & live an amazing life.
(Mia’s mum)