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Soothe & Hydrate - Level 1


Your Organic Cream - For Dry Flaking Skin

My Mia's Skin Relief Level 1 is your everyday hero cream. It soothes and hydrates skin. It can be used on face, body, dry scalp, or as daily hand cream.

This gentle, effective, everyday certified organic cream containing coconut oil, turmeric root, neem, shea butter, rosehip oil, calendula and paw paw calms dry, flaking skin.

Suitable from babies 3+months, this deeply calming and hydrating cream can be used throughout the day by the whole family. 

Size: 100ml (3.38 US Fluid Ounces)

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Mia uses our Level 1 Skin Relief Cream on her face to relieve dry flaking skin, around her mouth and behind her ears. Skin Relief Level 1 is also an excellent hand cream for dry hands or can be applied on the scalp to assist calm flaking, dry scalp. I use this cream as my daily hand cream. A little bit goes a long way and provides immediate hydration and relief.



Our gentle, calming and soothing ingredients have been selected to soothe & hydrate dry, flaking skin.


Herbal organic extracts known for calming properties have been included in this cream.


Skin Relief Level 1 is gentle enough to use on your face, mouth, scalp, hands and body.


A small amount of cream instantly hydrates and replenishes your skin. This cream can be kept next to the kitchen sink, in your hand bag, baby bag or school bag.


Skin Relief Level 1 contains certified organic herbal extracts such as turmeric, neem, arnica, raspberry leaf extract, St Johns wort, with nourishing organic oils such as coconut oil, avocado oil, rosehip and jojoba oil mixed together with a replenishing shea butter. The effects of this little cream can be noticed throughout the day.


So happy!!

I hate to say it but I had my reservations about trying the 50th product to help my son’s skin but it actually really helped!! I was more than surprised and so happy. Not only did his skin get better but his mood got better too. The itch and feeling so uncomfortable used to make him rally agitated. He is 11yo and this is the first product I have found that actually worked!!

Sonya S.
Really Effective

Wonderful, I started with this Level 1 Moderate cream for my son who had red flakey skin on his face and arm. It was immediately soothing and within a few days so much clearer. He has it beside his bed and each night just adds one tiny dot of cream to his cheek and arm before bed and the redness hasn't reappeared. A little goes a long way too!

Tamara M.
Great Moisturiser

This is the only moisturising cream we’ve found that adequately hydrates our son’s face without fuelling the red itchy skin. On mornings when his face seems a bit red, an application of this cream can start to ease the redness quickly.

Melissa B


White Tea Extract

Known to rejuvenate dry skin.


Known to hydrate and soothe skin.

Nettle Leaf Extract

Traditionally used in Indian Ayurveda, known to calm and soothe skin.

Jojoba Seed

Known to moisturise and calm dry skin.

Avocado Oil

Known to moisturise, calm & rejuvenating dry skin.

Rosehip Oil

Known to balance moisture in dry skin.

Shea Nut Butter

Known to soothe and moisturise skin.

Neem Seed Oil

Used in traditional Ayurveda, known to calm and rejuvenate skin.

Turmeric Root Extract

Used in traditional Indian Ayurveda, known to soothe & calm skin.

Arnica Flower Extract

Known to calm and rejuvenate skin.

Raspberry Fruit Extract

Known to calm and soothe skin

St John’s Wort

Known to calm and rejuvenate skin.

Tocopherol (Vitamin E)

Known to softening skin

Sunflower Oil

Known to calm, soothe & hydrate skin.


Known to calm and soothe skin.


Known to calm & soothe skin.


Known to soothe & calm dry skin.

Burdock Root Extract

Known to calm and rejuvenate skin.


What is the difference between Level 1 & Level 2 Skin Relief Cream?
Level 1 Organic Cream is a deeply moisturising cream with added herbal extracts. This cream helps calm dry, flaking skin.

Level 2 Natural Cream, does not contain any moisturiser. This is a small concentrated paste/ cream as a spot cream wherever needed.
Level 2 Cream, must be used in conjunction with My Mia's Ultimate Skin Barrier Cream for optimum skin hydration.
Can Skin Relief Level 1 be used on babies?
Yes, babies as young as 3 months have had successful results using Level 1 Skin Relief Cream.
How do you use this on your scalp?
If you suffer from a very dry flaking scalp, our Level 1 Skin Relief Cream promptly delivers nourishing and hydrating ingredients into your scalp.
Will this work for me?
It may. Or it may not. Every person reacts to products, ingredients differently. This is why we disclose our complete ingredients list on our website.
Review and check all ingredients before you purchase. Complete a patch test before using all over your body.

Business Ethos

Having red, itchy, raw skin is not pleasant, but having no skin at all is even worse! We are a big fan of the amazing work the Fiona Wood Foundation is doing; like developing spray on skin for severe burns patients. At My Mia's Skin Relief we lovingly support this amazing charity with monthly donations from the sale of our products.

We love Mother Nature. We have also committed to running a carbon neutral business. As a result, we are offsetting any carbon emissions created from running an online business by planting a grove of trees every year.

Animals are our friends. Not our test objects. Of course, none of our products have ever been tested on animals. Ever. So yes all of our products and manufacturing practices are cruelty free.

This business started with a pure intention 'created with love by a mother for her daughter'. This pure intention extends into our beautiful products we make and to our customers we lovingly serve. Love & Service form the the foundations of our business.

My Mia's Vision

Isn’t it funny where the journey of life takes us? What started as the source of my biggest heartache, has now become my love letter to the world. Creating these organic and natural skin care products for dry, itchy skin has not only helped myself— My daughter, Mia— But something I never saw coming happened, they started helping people around the world. My heart fills with sincere gratitude for your trust in us.

This isn’t ‘just a business’ for me. As well as only using beautiful natural ingredients, my heartfelt wish (the same pure, loving intention I held for my daughter) is that these creams deliver intense hydration for your skin so that you can enjoy your life fully (without scratching) .

If you or your little one struggle with dry itchy skin... Know that change is possible. You are stronger, wiser and braver than you know. And I know that you WILL find your products to support you (be it My Mia’s or not, even though are products are gorgeous ;-) ). Dry, itchy skin doesn't have to be your normal way of life.

You deserve to shine bright & live an amazing life.
(Mia’s mum)