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Ultimate Skin Barrier Cream


A Luxurious Rich, Thick, Natural Skin Barrier Cream Containing Ceramides

Think of a 'skin drink' for your skin. My Mia's Ultimate Skin Barrier Cream is a beautifully balanced cream which will leave your skin deeply hydrated and nourished. 

This thick cream, enriched with organic coconut oil, almond oil, shea butter, rosehip oil, with th added ceramides and cholesterol leave your skin visibly hydrated.

This can be used as a hydration mask on the face and body as well as an effective all over skin barrier cream.

Suitable for babies 3+months, using My Mia's Ultimate Skin Barrier cream in conjunction with any other skin cream will enhance the hydration in your skin. 

Size: 100grams 

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My Mia's Ultimate Skin Barrier Cream your MUST-HAVE cream to deeply hydrate and nourish your skin. This can be used by the entire family, on face & body, whenever you need a hydration boost.

This cream is thick, rich, lush and leave your skin feeling soft, hydrated & nourished.



Our Ultimate Skin Barrier Cream made with organic shea butter, coconut oil, almond oil and added ceramide and cholesterol. This combination of ingredients deeply hydrates your skin like no other.


Replenishing skin barrier with ceramide and cholesterol, is the secret weapon giving your skin that deep moisturising boost.


The beautiful thick, buttery cream when applied to your skin, not only helps it feel calm and hydrated. Your skin feels so soft and supple.


Our Skin Repair & Barrier Cream can be applied on your face and body, multiple times a day.


When used as a hydration mask (on face or body), deeply hydrating ingredients are delivered to assist restore hydration.



It's fantastic! My little boy hasn't had a breakout since we began using this. I also put it on him before his hydrotherapy appointments if he's having a dry day and again after his hydrotherapy. I use it on his whole body, he's missing a letter in his DNA causing the dry skin, so knowing I can use something gentle on him that gives him such relief is amazing because he's going to have this dry skin is entire life.

Emma F.
Outstanding !

My Mia's Skin Relief has transformed my grandniece's skin. It was dry, itchy, red all over her little body, these products have brought much needed relief.

Now five other family members are using it, everyone is thankful to have found something that is effective, gentle, safe, natural & affordable. I will fully recommend this product.

Kirandeep G.
This cream works!

I was desperate - tried everything -None of it really helped, either the itch was still bad or it brief relief. 

But, since I started using My Mia's my skin's not itchy anymore and infact there's definite helping my skin. It had helped tremendously and I believe that one day my skin on my legs will heal and be back to how its meant to be.

Sophia G


Apricot Kernel

Known to calm and soothe skin.


Known to hydrate skin.

Sweet Almond Oil

Known to nourish dry skin.

Jojoba Seed OIL

Known calm and hydrate skin.

Shea Nut Butter

Known to soothes and hydrate skin.

Rosehip Oil

Known to hydrate skin.

Tocopherol (Vitamin E)

Known to softening skin.

Sunflower Oil

Known to calm, soothe and hydrate skin.

Ceramide & Cholesterol

Known to replenish skin.


What is important about ceramides?
By topically applying ceramides and skin nourishing organic ingredients in a rich hydrating cream, your skin is left feeling hydrated and nourished at a deeper level.
How often should you use the Skin Repair & Barrier Cream?
The more hydrated you can keep your skin the better. Using the Skin Repair & Barrier Cream throughout the day will ensure faster skin recovery.
Can these products be used during pregnancy?
While we have seen amazing results in babies (from 3+ months) and pregnant women using My Mia's Skin Relief Products, we cannot provide medical advice.
We have included our ingredients list on this page for your reference. While these ingredients are organic, certified toxic free and Australian allergy certified - we cannot provide medical advice. Therefore if you have any doubt, please take these ingredients and discuss with your medical professional.
Can I use this on my face and body?
Yes, our Skin Repair & Barrier Cream can be used on your face + your body.

You can use this in conjunction with Level 1 Skin Relief Cream, Level 2 Skin Relief Cream or even on its own.

Business Ethos

Having red, itchy, raw skin is not pleasant, but having no skin at all is even worse! We are a big fan of the amazing work the Fiona Wood Foundation is doing; like developing spray on skin for severe burns patients. At My Mia's Skin Relief we lovingly support this amazing charity with monthly donations from the sale of our products.

We love Mother Nature. We have also committed to running a carbon neutral business. As a result, we are offsetting any carbon emissions created from running an online business by planting a grove of trees every year.

Animals are our friends. Not our test objects. Of course, none of our products have ever been tested on animals. Ever. So yes all of our products and manufacturing practices are cruelty free.

This business started with a pure intention 'created with love by a mother for her daughter'. This pure intention extends into our beautiful products we make and to our customers we lovingly serve. Love & Service form the the foundations of our business.

My Mia's Vision

Isn’t it funny where the journey of life takes us? What started as the source of my biggest heartache, has now become my love letter to the world. Creating these organic and natural skin care products for dry, itchy skin has not only helped myself— My daughter, Mia— But something I never saw coming happened, they started helping people around the world. My heart fills with sincere gratitude for your trust in us.

This isn’t ‘just a business’ for me. As well as only using beautiful natural ingredients, my heartfelt wish (the same pure, loving intention I held for my daughter) is that these creams deliver intense hydration for your skin so that you can enjoy your life fully (without scratching) .

If you or your little one struggle with dry itchy skin... Know that change is possible. You are stronger, wiser and braver than you know. And I know that you WILL find your products to support you (be it My Mia’s or not, even though are products are gorgeous ;-) ). Dry, itchy skin doesn't have to be your normal way of life.

You deserve to shine bright & live an amazing life.
(Mia’s mum)